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The intent of The Gaff Rig Page is to provide information about doing individual tasks, and assumes the reader is already working from an existing boat with a gaff rig, or a set of plans showing how to rig their boats.  If you are designing your own sail plan, from scratch, then two of the resources listed should be obtained: Hand Reef and Steer by Tom Cunliffe and, if you can find it,  The Gaff Rig Handbook by John Leather (see my book review on The Repository of Sources for tips on finding this out of print marvel.)   The details shown here are used in an editorial fashion, intended to assist the builder in obtaining the right resources.  Each reader has to determine the applicability of them to his situation.

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The great Gaff Rig Page "peak halyard controversy"is over!
A designer emailed me with a concern about some of the illustrations on these pages.  These show various techniques that may not work together and, in one case, he says they will not work at all.  His promise of follow-up hasn't been fulfilled, so I suspect he's busy with real, paying work.  But I think I've resolved some of the questions, at least.  As often happens with these kinds of things, the strong opinions are not always justified, and in some cases, I have to say they are not persuasive enough to over-rule recognized experts in the field of rigging.  Comments from the rest of you are welcome, of course.

Since I am a neophyte in these matters, I have to rely on those who know more to clarify the issues.  I have included more illustrations on a Halyards page to compare the content of Knowing the Ropes by John C. Taylor, Hand Reef and Steer by Tom Cunliffe and The Gaff Rig Handbook by John Leather to resolve the controversy.    Several participants on The Wooden Boat Forum helped by critiquing the illustrations, and I've recapped their comments as well.

This page is currently under construction.  I'm still gathering
information on the gaff rig, and would appreciate hearing about
any resources you know of that I haven't covered..

More to come!