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Weekender Links and
Online Supply Sources
Updated 05/05/01
Weekender and Vacationer Links
Stevenson Projects  The creators of the Weekender.  There are links on the Stevenson Projects pages to other boat builder organizations and BBS that I don't participate in, so can't personally recommend.
Weekender Boatbuilding, The MSN Community I manage about all Stevenson Projects boats (and other boat projects as well.)  Membership is free and automatic.
9 Lives  Terry Crisp's excellent site showing the building of his Weekender 9 Lives, and great building tips and links (including alternate steering, etc.)
Genesis and Steel Away, two Weekenders being built by Bruce Jones and Mike Donlin, are profiled here. 
Herriot John Weigandt's Weekender -- Another good site with photos, costs and sailing pictures to boot!
Jack in the Green  Bruce Kershaw's Weekender -- with a square cabin front!
John's Weekender Page  John Abbett is a woodworker building a Weekender in a one car garage.  He has some great tips for those building in confined spaces.
Juliet  Good construction pics (and a very clean shop!) and some great ideas too.
Konrads Sailing Page  Konrad is "addicted to wind" and he has more than just his Vacationer on this site, including some shots of the landsailer by Stevenson Projects.
Nelson's Nook  How fast can you build a Weekender?  Nelson is making record time!
Phil's  Phil Gowans' great site -- be sure to catch the "names" he's considering.
Platypus  Bill Ford's Weekender -- Hints and Tips and good construction photos, costs and time log.
Procrastinated  Charlie's Procrastinated Sailboat:  A Weekender that took 19 years to build. A great site that will make you laugh.
Sea Scouts  Great site showing a Sea Scout project:  A 
Weekender built by 12 year olds (I feel humbled now!) and their first sailing trip: through Canada's highest lock (65')
Shawn's Vacationer  A good Vacationer site!  Excellent
construction pics.
Stoodunt Budgitt  Steve Woolverton's Weekender -- aluminum mast, and built in the desert near train tracks!
Wild Onion Bill Smith's Weekender:  some of the best 
construction shots ever, showing every aspect of building.

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Supply Sources and Other Great Links

Screws, Glue, Epoxy and Fiberglass Cloth
Raka Epoxy , Fiberglass Coatings Inc. and Fiberglass Supply  Three great epoxy and fiberglass suppliers.  Raka and Fiberglass Coatings have epoxy at about $35 a gallon (3 gal. kit). Fiberglass Supply has the best price on fiberglass cloth. Note: get Fiberglass Coatings' catalog; their website doesn't list everything. System Three Epoxy  is more expensive, but they offer great support for boat builders.  Check out their $10 "sample" kit, which includes their excellent publication, "The Epoxy Book." Fiberglass Supply carries System III epoxy resin for about $46 a gallon in the 3 gallon kit. Aircraft Spruce is a good site for Weldwood Plastic Resin Glue at great prices. They also have reasonable prices on pour in place floatation foam. Best price for #8 x 1" stainless screws is at Stainless Fasteners  but if you are leaning towards silicone bronze, look at Jamestown Distributors  and Southern Crown Boatworks

Books of Interest, a listing of the books I've found valuable in boatbuilding, complete with links to reviews at Amazon.com.

Sail Making Materials/Kits
Ulta Sail Produced by a Weekender builder, Ulta Sail kits offer white plastic sail material.  Its priced at about half of the dacron sails last time I checked (around $250 verses $500.)

Polysail has the least expensive option, with white polytarp and specific instructions for how to build one for the Weekender.  Look for the 15 x 20 gaff sail kit, at about $80.  For white polytarps only (no kits), which would be appropriate to use with the Weeknder sail plan instructions, see The White Poly Tarp Site.

Real live dacron sail kits are available from Sail Rite.  They also sell things like wood mast hoops, sail numbers, stainless hanks, etc.  Dacron sail kits will run about $350 - $400, 20% or more savings from the pre-made sails.  But you have to make 'em, you know?  (I chose the pre-made dacron sails from Stevenson Projects, which I think are worth the $500.)

Other sites of interest
Letters Unlimited - best price I could find on vinyl lettering. 
West Marine  - the chain-store style discount chandlery.  Trailer Sailor  has an active bulletin board about trailerable sail boats. Northern Tool  features axle kits for boat trailers.  Duckworks Online Magazine  features other crazies building boats!