A Visual History
The Building of Aslan
A 16' LWL gaff-rigged sloop
designed by Stevenson's Projects
Project started September 6, 1999
Boat Building Pages:
Sailing Adventures (8/12/01)
Post Launch Modifications (6/02/02)
Construction Diary  (6/09/01)
Construction Pics  (5/20/01)
The Launch! (5/21/01)
Log of Costs  (5/05/01)
Hints/Tips  (03/25/01)
Links and Sources  (5/05/01)
Booklist (10/07/00)
Essential Tools  ( 07/01/00)
Other Topics:
My Blog
The Question  (Essay - Updated 2/04/01)
Our Pond Page (1/07/01)

The Gaff Rig Pages (3/01/02)
A Repository of Sources on the Gaff Rig
Including Illustrations and Tips 


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