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The Building of Aslan
Hints and Tips

Updated 03/25/01


These hints and tips are handy things I've found or tested that I may incorporate into my Weekender, Aslan.  Each link leads to a page with either a larger picture or series of pics, and more explanatory text.
Tapered Bird's Mouth Hollow Mast Test
Click on the link above, or the picture, for my "proof of concept" test making a tapered "Bird's Mouth" mast ... 

You can also see my progress on the full size mast by clicking on the Mast Construction Page.

Turtle Hatch
I may consider this design idea for Aslan.  The Turtle Hatch box makes it easier to make a water tight hatch, and protects the hatch itself from damage.  Plus it looks neat.  This drawing is from "The Finely Fitted Yacht, vol. II" by Ferenc Mate', Albatross Publishing House, Vancouver, BC Canada, copyright 1979, ISBN 0-920256-04-X.  I found this book in my local library.  (Note:  I'm using a different hatch design, but have left this one here for those of you who might not be able to find the resource in your local library.)
Self Tending Jib Diagram
A more elaborate diagram of a self-tending jib than is in the plans for the Weekender.  Essientially does the same job, but it is clearer to me in this diagram.  From the book, "Hand, Reef and Steer, A Practical Handbook on Sailing" by Richard Henderson, copyright 1991, Contemporary Books, Chicago, IL, ISBN 0-8092-4010-6.   Another great book from my local library.
Boom Vang Diagram
Also from "Hand, Reef and Steer" cited above, a fairly clear diagram of a boom vang.  The plans for the Weekender don't show a boom vang.  But if Aslan has a hollow boom using the Bird's Mouth method, I may need one.
Marking the Lazarette Hatch Opening
The plans aren't that clear when it comes to how to make that Lazarette hatch opening.  Here's a quick way to make the 7 1/2" radius along the top.
Cutting a disc on a table saw
You can cut a disc on a table saw, but it takes a little patience.  3 small pictures show how its done.
Epoxy Tips
Updated 7/12/00! (Originally added 5/21/00)
Filling large areas with epoxy, a money-saving tip for using 7" and 3" rollers and how I salvaged a really bad spot between the rubrails. Updated 5/25/00 with my "epoxy skim coat" tip.  Updated 7/12/00 with more on filling gaps using epoxy, pvc tape and clamps.
Ventilation and Filtration
Added 7/12/00.  A furnace filter leaned up against a box fan is amazingly effective at trapping some of the sawdust you generate.  Its not a replacement for a good dust mask or respirator, but it does help, and its cheap.  Ventilation is a must when working in the cabin with paint or solvents, and putting the box fan on the hatch, with the air being pulled from inside the cabin, induces a continous breeze of fresh air past you while you're working.
The Marline Hitch
Tying the sail to the boom or gaff using marline hitches; more secure and less tendency to slip than half hitches or spiral lacing.  Several pics showing just how to make this hitch.