A Visual History
The Building of Aslan
Construction Pictures

Updated 7/22/01


To make loading easier, I've separated out the pictures by construction steps.  Click on the link to see from 4 to 10 pictures on each topic.
Making the Keel
Resawing No. 2 Douglas Fir 2x12s into 1x12s.  The 1x12s.  "Dry fit" of keel pieces.  Gluing the keel.  Installing a bow eye.  Updated 10/24/99 with new pictures.
Bottom and Deck Assembly
Bottom and deck assembly.  Using a table saw sled to kerf stringers.  "Ultra Kerfing" and using Bondo to strengthen an "Ultra Kerfed" stringer.  A troublesome stern joiner panel.  An alternate joining technique for the lazarrette.  Using a router laminate trimming bit.  Updated 10/24/99.
The Bow Gussets
Cutting, fitting and assembling the bow gussets can be a chore.  Like most things, the second one was much faster than the first.  Updated 10/24/99.
Mast Box Assembly
Because of my dimensional error, I have a modified mast box assembly which is "furred" 2" forward of the normal position against the bulkhead.  I also used a 2x6 cut and trimmed to make the top blocks.
The Starboard Side Goes On
The fairing of the stringers on the starboard side, and the plywood finally goes on.  Hey, its starting to look like a boat!  The rub rails get scarfed, and then put on.  Very boat-like.  8 pictures on this page, all from 7k to 15k, so it might take some time to load.
Cockpit Seats, Flotation Foam and a Stern Hatch Opening
Three pictures added 12/12/99 showing the cockpit seat framing, flotation foam behind the seats and a hatch opening in the stern.
Making the Wheel
Seven pictures added 1/2/00, showing the steps to make the wheel (each ranges from 4k to 10k in size.) 
Making the Cabin
Three pictures added 1/2/00, showing the cabin sides, rafters and stringers for the cabin roof.
Hatch Coaming
3 pictures added 2/20/00 (24k total.)  Installing the coaming around the hatch openings in the fore deck and stern deck areas.
Building the Cabin Hatch / Companion Way Door Combination
Updated 8/26/00!
Pictures added 2/20/00 showing a new design for the cabin hatch.  I'm incorporating a slide-out, swing down companion way door into the hatch itself.  This page is larger than most of mine at 65k, as it includes 7 pictures and enough text for others to utilize this design if they so desire.
A Hollow Mast using the Bird's Mouth Method
Added 3/19/00.  I've included a pic of the simplified shelf I built for the cabin on this page, because one pic doesn't deserve a page of its own!  But the real deal here is the construction of a hollow mast for Aslan.  There are 7 pics showing the construction of the lower portion of the mast from a scrap 2 x 10. 

Updated 5/21/00 with pictures showing the beginning of the lower mast assembly, and the easiest way to taper the staves. 
Updated 6/10/00 with two pictures of the power plane knocking off the corners and my futile attempt to weight it down to take out a slight bow. 
Updated 6/29/00 with a pic of Richard Duke and an explanation of my most miserable failure yet in the building of Aslan.

Glass and Epoxy!
Added 4/25/00.  Aslan is flipped over, and the process to coat her hull in fiberglass and epoxy resin is started.  Updated 5/21/00 with a pic of the starboard side after glassing.
Painting the hull!
Added 6/10/00.  A coat of primer and three coats of exterior latex paint from Home Depot put the "finishing touches" on the hull.  What a difference paint makes!
Finishing the topsides!
Added 7/12/00.  Glassing the deck and cabin top, and fairing out the portholes with trim rings inside.
Making the Splash Coamings
Updated 8/26/00.  The splash coamings, made from phillipine mahogany, are roughed out and installed on port and starboard.  The splash coamings divert water on deck away from the cockpit, and add quite a bit to the looks of the boat.
Updates for 8/26/00
Two pages posted previously have more information.  Making the Splash Coamings has a new picture showing the stained splash coaming (also visible in the picture at left.)   And, Building the Cabin Hatch / Companion Way Door Combination page has four pictures added showing how I designed the support for the door which also serves as a stop to prevent the hatch from being pushed too far forward.  At left is the first picture of painting the topsides.  More to come later!
Non-Skid and Paint
Applying Non-Skid (crushed walnut shells) and painting the topsides made a world of difference.  I started finishing the rub rails too, including cleaning them up (2 hours!) and staining the ones on the starboard side.  You can start to see what Aslan will really look like.
A Tiller for Aslan
Added 11/19/00.  After futzing with wheel steering, and reading about various problems at sail with the wheel on other's boats, I decided to go with a tiller for Aslan.  Not all the "in progress" pictures are in yet, but I have a couple of the finished tiller.

Updated 8/12/01 - a new shorter tiller is being prepared for testing.

The Boom and Gaff
Added 11/19/00.  Shown here next to the unfinished mast, the boom and gaff were made using the "Bird's Mouth" method.  Also on this page:  making the gaff jaws and cutting a cove in them using the table saw.
Building the Gooseneck
I struggled with finding the right hardware to build the gooseneck for Aslan, until I realized with a hollow mast, I could secure the eyebolts from the inside rather than having them go through the mast.  I was then able to find the hardware the right size to nearly duplicate the plan's original, low cost, universal joint for the gooseneck.
Cockpit Hatch Covers
The cockpit hatch covers are on, stained to match the mahogany splash rail and grab rails. 
Trailer Modifications
The "keel rail" is added to the trailer in preparation for Aslan.  Lights, moving the wench and adding a new stem block is still to come.
Laminated Mast Hoops
I have some more pics of this, so I moved them to a separate page.  Last August, I started an experiment to see if veneer edging for plywood could be used to make mast hoops.  On this page are my experiences with it.  I may end up just lacing the sail to the mast, as the hoops are a bit wide to all fit below the hinge on the mast (DOH!).  Updated 6/30/01 after these hoops failed.
Standing Rigging
Last update:  2/05/01
Pictures of the bowsprit, bits and other details added 1/23/01 (including a car cover to act as a cheap boat cover.)  Bits and chocks added 2/05/01, including the finished bowsprit.  Also, finishing the mast, installing the chainplates, and doing the rest of the standing rigging.  Aslan has to be outside on her trailer to complete the rigging, so I'm finishing up the modifications on the trailer and doing some of the rigging that can be done while she is in the boathouse ("garage," according to my wife.) 
Aslan Goes on Her Trailer
February 5, 2001, and Aslan peeks her bow out into the world for the first time.  The pics on this page are at slightly higher resolution, with most at 10 - 15k in size, so it might take a little longer to load than my other pages.
Mast Tabernacle Design And Standing Rigging
Updated March 17, 2001.  The mast goes on Aslan, and the standing rigging is done.

Updated February 25, 2001.  A simple, workable mast tabernacle is finally decided upon after several exotic solutions fail to live up to expectations.

Running Rigging and Sails
Updated 5/13/01
The running rigging is put on, in preparation for bending on the sails.  I'm lashing on some of the blocks, and putting irons around the mast for others.  The halyards are set on, and the mainsail is hoisted for the first time!  The main sheet rigging is done.  I changed the halyards to run back to the cockpit, and put in the mast wedges and a special mast boot using an Ace bandage and whipping compound (added 4/29/01).  Final pic showing painted mast boot added 5/13/01.
Finishing Details
Updated 7/22/01
The Hull ID number is now permanently mounted on the transom, and I'm building a fixed motor mount after my eBay motor mount fails to fit nicely on the transom.  Getting close now, folks, with a launch date of next Sunday, 5/20/01 being penciled in.  Trailboards and rudder modifications added 7/22/01.
The Launch!
May 20, 2001, one year, eight months and a day after starting construction, Aslan is finally finished and in the water.  This page has more photos than most of my pages, with 20 shots ranging from 4 to 12k in size.  There will be more pics added later, when other people process their film.