A Visual History
The Building of Aslan
Sailing Adventures
Updated 8/12/01

Sailing Reviews:
Lake Casitas, Ventura County, 7/14/2001

Sailing in Channel Islands Harbor, August 2001
One of a few shots with the jib up as well as the main.  We usually fly the jib, but we're always on the boat!  On this day, Jan stayed on shore and took a couple of pictures.
That's me with the straw hat on, and Leah and Dennis with me in the cockpit.
Kris came later, and took this shot of JAN and an unconcerned pelican waiting for us to dock.  Behind us is the channel leading to the open portion of Channel Islands Harbor.  I usually motor in this channel to avoid having to tack all the way.

Some Early Shots in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, CA (prior to July, 2001)
Kris wonders if I've lost my mind, trying to 
catch up with the tall ship "California"
Jan and Kris watch as one of our many seals in the harbor
dives for some food.
Kris takes the helm during one of our "light airs" days. A great view on one of our "sunny day" sails.
Jan lounges while I try to sail Aslan. With the main sheeted out to port, we sail along.

July 2001 Sailing Shots:  Outside the Breakwater at Channel Islands Harbor:
Outside the breakwater, looking at Silver Strand Beach on the south side of the harbor. We like sailing in the wide open spaces of the sea, but any chop and the flat bottomed Weekender pounds horribly.  This is about as rough as is comfortable in the ocean.